Shaoran Li
Cardcaptor Sakura カードキャプターさくら

Growing up, the first anime I watched was "Cardcaptors." The english version was horrible. They chopped it up, cut out scenes and changed the names of the characters to American names. Still, I loved it. Later, I watched the entire Japanese version and was stunned by the differences. I happily can say I prefer the original, Japanese version over the American dub.

As an adult, I decided to recreate this childhood favorite. I used Simplicity 4080 and green cotton. I used iron on decals to finish the designs on the front and back of the kimono. The best part about the costume: the bells. I got to jingle all over the place. If I had this costume to do over, I would probably use a heavier fabric and I would line it to give it a little more body. 

Completion Date: Winter, 2010
Logged Time: 50 hrs.