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Lanham Lake Snowshoe

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Lanham Lake was chilly and snowy! It was more of a work-out than a scenic hike. The snow was about up to my waist so snowshoes were a must! The lake has some pretty views of the mountains and the beginning of the trail follows an icy creek. The trail does meander into a groomed XC Ski trail so you'll need to be prepared to follow a map. It's a left from the groomed ski run and then south towards the lake.

Distance: 3.2 miles | GPS: 47.7727, -121.0125

Elevation Gain: 1,100 ft | Peak: 4,100 ft

Central Cascades | My Hiking Master Post

Lots of people were out snowshoeing that day and it was easy to follow the trail. The trickiest part was when we got to the XC Ski trail; beyond that, we just followed the path. On Saturday, roads were clear. The parking lot at the Nordic Center was icy but good for all vehicles. Dogs were okay on this one - recommend doggie backpacks or booties, it cold!!! There's no pass needed. They had a real bathroom at the Nordic Center, plus port-a-potties.

Short mileage but not a casual jaunt because of a few steep spots. Even though it was quite the climb, I'd still say it's a good for snowshoe beginners.

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