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Updated: Sep 10, 2018

Lake-22 is a beautiful spring hike if you're in the mood to skid around in some snow. We tackled it as soon as the snow had melted enough to let my Nissan Versa through! My car got stuck in one of the more secluded parking lots so we ended up waiting in an easier, cleared lot for a spot. But, once we hit the trail, we slip-n-slide'd around the whole mountain.

Distance: 5.0 miles roundtrip | GPS: 48.0776, -121.7469

Elevation Gain: 1200 ft | Peak: 2440 ft

North Cascades | My Hiking Master Post

This hike convinced me to buy some Kahtoola MICROspikes. Why? Well, it was a ton of snow and we spent most of the hike skidding down the mountain in Vans. This was crazy fun and Vans are great... but there were some super sketchy moments where I wished I'd had better traction. A co-worker recommended this particular pair to me and now they hang out in my bag during snowy hikes.

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