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Franklin Falls

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Franklin Falls is one of the most popular hikes in the Pacific Northwest - and for good reason! It's close, dog-friendly, and ends with a gorgeous waterfall. We hiked in March, meaning that there was a good deal of snow. It was all hard-packed so we were able to get by easily just in boots.

There are scenic views all along the trail - snow or no snow.

Distance: 2 miles | GPS: 47.4130, -121.4416 Elevation Gain: 400 ft | Peak: 2600 ft Snoqualmie | My Hiking Master Post

Franklin Falls is a short, scenic hike that's fairly close to Seattle. As such, it's pretty popular. During March, there was still enough snow that some of the forest roads were closed. So, we ended up having to park near FR-58, south of Denny Creek Campground. This extended our hike so it was a win-win. After hiking up to the trail-head, we found a bathroom. As a note, this is closed during the off-season so prepare accordingly. We started out trek, following a creek and ascending 400 ft or so. At the very end, we had to carefully pick our way over slippery, icy rocks to get down to the falls. But, from there, we got to see them in action.

The falls were roaring in March because of all the melting snow. Sun beaming down on the water created a cool rainbow effect.
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