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Flogging Molly & The Dropkick Murphys @ WAMU Theater

Flogging Molly was another band from my childhood that my brother introduced me to. Seeing them onstage was super cool. It was kind of shocking how much older they'd gotten! For some reason, I was convinced that musicians never got older. Usually, I only get to hear one or two popular songs but Flogging Molly played all the fan favorites. I'd never heard the Dropkick Murphys before but the crowd got rowdy when they came on.

It was my first mosh pit and I realize now that I am a very small man. So, it wasn't for me. I got outta there and hung out in the periphery. My friend got punched in the throat and I got punched in the neck but we still walked out of there with grins on our faces. The whole venue was hot and I have never felt so in my skin before. People were friendly and happy and the whole concert had this... buzz to it.

I did have a lot of trouble keeping my balance with all the people pushing me. I hope everyone was alright but I was kind of all over the place! Ha. It was hard to know which way was up after a while. I think, though, when you go to that kind of thing, you gotta know what you're getting into. People would push on me and I would push back. It was hard to stay standing. I'm really sorry to anyone I pushed or fell against!

Oh, and we also went to Fado's before the concert and I tried a real Whiskey Sour with egg in it. It was really good! I'd never really been to an Irish pub before. I bet that joint is a nightmare to work on St. Patrick's Day.

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