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Fashionably Undead VIII @ MOPOP

I've gone to this event for a few years now because the music is great and I LOVE HALLOWEEN. A LOT. I REALLY LOVE HALLOWEEN. Each time, I've been a different vampire from Interview with the Vampire. This year, I'm bringing Lestat back from the dead for some dancin' at this super cool venue.

The Museum of Pop Culture puts on a lot of cool events. It always surprises me when people think that MOPOP is just a museum because they do a lot of after-hours parties. They also play a lot of themed movies throughout the year as part of their Campout Cinema program. One weekend, they even got some Star Trek actors to come for a mini-convention (I met Data). You can check out their event calendar... here!

Fashionably Undead VII - now onto 8!

For Halloween, they've got 31 Day of Horror goin' on plus a HUGE Halloween party called Fashionably Undead VIII. Basically, it's a 21+ party where you can check out the Horror exhibit after-hours and enter a killer costume contest (get it, "killer"?). The DJs are fab, the drinks are tasty, and it's cool to hang out in the museum when you get tired of dancing. Also, you can take selfies in an upright coffin.

The horror exhibit "Scared to Death: The Thrill of Horror Film" is open during the party!!!

Anyway, so super excited about this party and I need to remember to take more pics this time! I'm hoping that, because I got a phone with a low-light camera app, I'll be able to get better pics. It's dark because... spooky. I've always been really happy about how inclusive the MOPOP is of cosplayers... they really do their best to be welcoming to people in costumes. That's starting to get rare these days (ex: PAXWest).

You can get your tickets for the party here! And, again, you can check out MOPOP's main Halloween event page by clicking here. I am super excited to see everyone's costumes. Halloween is always my favorite time of year because, finally, everyone's dressed up!

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