Ky Kiske
Guilty Gear


A friend of mine had planned to make a Guilty Gear costume for Sakura Con back in 2009. I'd heard of the game so I quickly looked up some of the characters. One character popped out at me: Ky Kiske. Since this was one of my earlier costumes, I don't have very much documentation on it. However, I still remember having fun wearing it!

Ky Kiske was assembled using white, cotton twill with black and blue kona cotton. I used Simplicity 4083 for the design. The belt was constructed using craft foam. The sword was made using papermache over a Halloween store sword. 

If I had it to do over again, I feel my skills have improved enough that this costume would look very, very different. It's cool to watch yourself progress as you get better over the years. 

Completion Date: Winter, 2009
Logged Time: 60 hrs.