Halloween Town Sora
Kingdom Hearts 2

One of the first video-games I loved (enough to make a costume from it) was Kingdom Hearts II. I actually made two outfits from the game, both the default version and the Halloween Town one. Sora was a fun character and Kingdom Hearts II let me play through the nostalgia of childhood and button-mash for my life. 

Halloween Town Sora was my first venture into the world of craft foam. I used craft foam for the wings, decorative pieces and even, with the assistance of Katchan, for the mask. The mask itself was decorated and sealed by Katchan. This costume was largely a collection of Goodwill items, accented and bias-taped to match the character. 

I wore this costume for Anime Evolution 2008 and Gasukan 10. It was my first venture to the land of Canadia! The costume itself was a tad bit more difficult because of the makeup and I prefer the default version of Sora.

Completion Date: Summer, 2008
Logged Time: 40 hrs.