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Last Oryx Productions can help you find cosplayers, mascots, costumers, or actors to optimize your event or venue. We have a strong record for providing reputable, high-quality mascots for weddings, parties, conventions, festivals, and sales booths. If you're looking for cosplay casting services, let us help you expand your network!


Our resident artists are a group of independent cosplayers who regularly collaborate together for various projects. In addition to our hand-picked team, we can also connect you with additional artists that fit your company's theme or needs. Just e-mail us!

Voorhees Cosplay

Ed Edica's not clowning around. He brings a unique closet full of monsters and heroes to the table. A fan of detailed makeup, Ed takes special care in recreating fine details in all of his work. His costumes often feature intricate weathering and complex props. He takes a special pride in "becoming" each character and does't mind getting a little spooky. 

photography_cosplay (4).jpg
Cuddleturtle Cosplay

Tiffany is an avid costume designer, dedicated to replicating props and creating screen accurate costumes. They excel at embroidery, pattern-making, and 3D printing! Tiffany believes in using the latest technologies to bring their creations to life and the hard work shows! They love acting and can take on many diverse roles, from hobbit to vampire.

Keisos Cosplay

Erik Keith specializes in the creation of intricate sets of armor. His armor builds, made using a variety of techniques, use foam, 3D printing, or even hard plastics. An avid voice-actor, Erik's very familiar with acting and adds a ton of character to any event. 


Last Oryx

Aaron Thompson is a cosplayer and this blog's author. He is responsible for casting cosplayers for events, organizing schedules, and networking. You can check out his costume portfolio by clicking here

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