Edward Kenway
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag


Edward Kenway's costume was really fun to make. The cuts of his costume are very reminiscent of Ezio's, give or take some artistic liberties. In the beginning, there were about 4,000,000 versions of Edward Kenway's design. I chose to go with a combination of the art reference and the promotional prints. I didn't care for the horizontal pleats on the white paneling and I didn't like the odd, sunk in piping on the in-game version. I chose a look that was cleaner, crisp and reflected strong, contrasting shapes. 

The pattern was drafted based on my Ezio pattern. I chose a cotton twill and hand dyed it, matching it to the ref. After dying, I assembled the costume, top stitching white segments on. The white and blue paneling on the inside of the tails was quilted in segments. 

Dying the fabric was challenging because the costume needed to change with different lighting. For the first bath, I used a bottle of Rit Teal and a bottle of Midnight Blue. I agitated it for an hour with hot water, using salt and vinegar to deepen the color. For the second bath, I used 1 packet of Peal Gray and 1/4 bottle of Navy Blue. Then, I spray painted it to make it patchy. This created variances in light by changing the color of the spaces between the stitches. My third bath was another bottle of Teal and Midnight Blue. Fo darker colors, increase percentages of Navy and/or Midnight Blue or use Navy instead OF Midnight Blue. 

The vest was assembled using dark brown stoned oil cow-hide from Tandy Leather. It was made by draping foam on a mannequin. The skull buckle was hand sculpted and cast. 

I debuted Edward Kenway at Pax Prime 2013 and had a blast talking with people about the game and demoing it at the NVidia booth! Assassin's Creed cosplayers from all over the world met up and had a quick photoshoot. After, we headed to the Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag panel, where we got VIP seating courtesy of Ubisoft's Community Manager. At the end of the panel, they announced that all Black Flag cosplayers had won a free copy of Assassin's Creed IV on a system of their choice!

Completion Date: Summer, 2013
Logged Time: 180 hrs.