I love taking pictures of amazing costumes (especially fantasy & science fiction). You can find more samples of my cosplay photography on my photography blog.


I'm a huge fan of composite photography. Most of the time, conventions or even location shoots don't have the whimsical feel that I want. So, I try to add effects or even change backgrounds so that the character fits better into an imagined world.


I love it when a model has an idea about which poses they'd like to try. Ideally, during the shoot, I ask them to slowly shift between poses with a 2-3 second pause in between each change. Poses should have variations that include changes in facial expression, angle, and arm placement, etc. Occasionally, I'll give some directions like "Look off into the distance."

A model can expect 4-5 composite shots that include a portrait, an effect shot, and a full body shot. Occasionally, I'll process (but not composite) other photographs from the set but I do not provide originals/raws. All photographs are watermarked at the bottom. Check out the photo sample set below to get an idea of the photo returns for a 30-minute location shoot. 


Interested in booking a shoot? Please use the form to the right or e-mail me directly. Feel free to also peruse my photography blog for additional samples of my work. 

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