Apple of Eden
Assassin's Creed II

The mythology of Assassin's Creed includes a small, circular object described as the "Apple of Eden." The Apple, one of the many artifacts known as "Pieces of Eden," gave the First Civilization the ability to control the minds of their servant race, humanity.

The Apple of Eden is, basically, the ultimate Assassin's Creed prop. It brings an edge to any Creed costume with it's sleek paint job and easy to apply lighting effects. It also adds depth and interaction to photos.

Fortunately for me, Ammnra over at Ammnra's Creations had aleady created a Shapeways sculpt AND he had a tutorial for weathering and painting the piece. AWESOME!! Later, I was able to apply some of these techniques (and the use of Gold Rub-n-Buff) to many other shiny projects.

As a note, the gallery below displays my initial version of the project, which had some painting flaws and is for sale for $100. Soon, I will post pictures of my second version (with impoved painting) and feel free to e-mail me about purchasing my version with imperfections. 

Completion Date: Summer, 2013
Logged Time: 10 hrs.