How I Started 
Making Costumes

I grew up interested in costumes. Halloween was always my favorite holiday. Fortunately, I had an incredibly wonderful Grandmother who helped me become King of the World, a Pumpkin, a dalmation, a fire-fighter and even the Devil. I loved Halloween and looked forward to it every year, stashing pillow-cases in bushes and strategically planning out the best routes. As I grew older, I found that I was drawn to media (from television to movies to comics) that emphasized strong, creative design challenges. Halloween quickly turned into an everyday adventure.

Growing up in a creative family meant I could kick my artistic side into high-gear. Both my brothers and my dad are wonderful chefs, so they knew all about how much effort it takes to create something with your own hands. As a kid, my dad emphasized "leaving something better than when you found it" and I put that into my work today. My goal is to bring things to life and to create a vision that improves or builds on an existing idea. In my costumes, I strive to take my skills and, each time, push them to the next level.

Since 2007, I've been involved in a wonderful local community of costumers. From the cosplayers who evoke strong images from Japanese media, to more contemporary American costumers, I've been able to, first hand, experience a world of creativity and community. I hope to continue to join these wonderful artisans in making fabrications that share and express our love of modern-day popular culture!

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